***Call for new IISA IRELAND committee*** 1.8.2018

Comments from ongoing chairperson Pádraig Mallon
Pioneering ice swimming as a sport for Ireland Anne Marie Ward was the first female and I was lucky enough to be the first male.

The sport of ice swimming is unlike very many, cruel in the water but kind in the warm friendships you make along the way.

This journey has been filled with adventures all over the world and heroes in my eyes forever for what has been achieved in places like Siberia, Murmansk and Burghausen.

The respect I have for our leader Ram Barkai, Alex Brylin, Kieron Palferman, Ryan Stramrood and Henri Karma will remain in my heart from watching them compete in -33c  in Siberia.

The ice has shown me what is mentally and humanly possible when the body and mind is focused on one outcome.  This is a truly amazing sport.   A sport where you cannot hide.

Like everything in life things change and come to an end.  I have enjoyed every minute of being part of a team to help develop, nourish, encourage and protect the ice this past four years.



The current IISA IRELAND board will resign offering you the IISA IRELAND community an amazing opportunity to lead the future for Ireland’s ice swimming.

The new IISA IRELAND will be made up of  a minimum of five and a maximum of eight board members one of which will be the new chairperson of IISA Ireland.

The new board will have an exciting year ahead with the preparations for the World Championships in Murmansk with the new and exciting talent coming through on the Irish team.  The outgoing IISA IRELAND  have established a good foundation to work from and will always be there if a bit of advice is needed along the way.

Please email IISA IRELAND with your nominations and expressions of interest by 19th August 2018 and the new IISA Ireland committee taking up their roles on 1st September 2018.

On behalf to the outgoing IISA Ireland board

Pádraig Mallon  Co.Armagh

Patrick Corocran Co.Dublin

Sarah O’Malley Daly Co.Donegal

Noel Grimes Co. Louth

Jacqueline McClelland Co. Down

Jack Boyle  Co. Armagh

Thank you

IISA Ireland

A country association to the International Ice Swimming Association


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Outgoing IISA Ireland board members
Padraig Mallon Chairperson

Patrick Corcoran 

Sarah O’Malley-Daly

Noel Grimes

Jack Boyle

Carmel Collins

Jacqueline McClelland

Ian Conroy

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